Thank You to Our Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Intermountain Healthcare is sponsoring the Utah Primary Care Summit because of the critical role primary care physicians and advanced practice clinicians play in Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible. In a recent Community Health Needs Assessment, Intermountain identified the highest priority for Intermountain to address in improving the community‚Äôs health is prevention. Specifically, prevention of prediabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and prescription opioid misuse. Prevention and management of these conditions depends upon behavior change of people throughout our community and the guidance provided by primary care physicians in particular. As we face these significant community health challenges, we also know that we are not training and retaining enough primary care physicians and advanced practice clinicians to meet the needs of our community. Addressing these and many other challenges requires collaboration among all stakeholders in Utah. The Primary Care Summit is an opportunity to join with other stakeholders to identify and prioritize the solutions that can help us respond to the needs of our community.